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Room Heaters Portable - About Solar Water Heater

Room Heaters Portable

room heaters portable

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The Potential Dark Room

The Potential Dark Room

Ok this is step one of what i hope in the next couple of months will become a fully functional dark room, its my shed , it has power and and running water thanks to the outside tap located three feet away (thank god my current job requires basic plumbing knowledge!) , the previous occupants left a couple of portable heaters which i am sure will come in handy (top right corner) ...its aout 99% light tight , so my beloved gaffer tape will be called to action ,and has a work top just above waist level......my first job ........clean the bloody thing out !!!

Portable heater

Portable heater

There is a portable heat radiator in each room. For the first time in days, I was able to do a bit of washing and dry my socks and tees on this thing. Watch out though, never ever leave it on unattended with clothing on it!!

room heaters portable

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